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Who is the dancer at the end of Billy Elliot?

Adam Cooper (born 22 July 1971) is an English actor, choreographer, dancer and theatre director. He currently works as both a performer and choreographer in musical theatre, and has choreographed and/or starred in award-winning shows such as On Your Toes, Singin' in the Rain and Grand Hotel.

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Similarly one may ask, what is the ballet at the end of Billy Elliot?

Swan Lake

Furthermore, who is the real Billy Elliot? ' Real Billy Elliot ' is made university chancellor. The performer who inspired the Billy Elliot story is going to be installed as the chancellor of Durham University. The international opera star, Sir Thomas Allen, is to be formally inducted as the university's ceremonial head on Tuesday.

Likewise, is Billy Elliot a real dancer?

LONDON (dpa) - Billy Elliot , the hugely successful British film about a young kid from a tough northern England mining town who becomes a ballet dancer , is based on a real person. "Yes, a large part of Billy Elliot's story is also my own story," says Mosley, massaging his right calf.

Does Billy Elliot have a happy ending?

The story of Billy Elliot and the miners is depressing, and the audience needs a lift at the end . The film uses the silly happy ending to send the audience home happy . But it ruins the gritty reality of the story. The musical finishes the show with only hope for Billy's future, and no real hope for anyone else.

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