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Who made the Odyssey game console?

When most people think about the first video game, they think of Pong, the ping-pong arcade game released by Atari in 1972. However, months earlier, Magnavox had released its Magnavox Odyssey, a home video game system based on the “ Brown Box,” a prototype invented by Ralph Baer .

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Considering this, who invented the gaming console?

Ralph H. Baer

Also Know, when did the Magnavox Odyssey come out? September 1972

Correspondingly, how much money did the Magnavox Odyssey made?

Happy Birthday, Magnavox Odyssey ! Designed to work with a home TV set, the Odyssey blazed a trail that every game console follows today. The Odyssey launched at $99.99 (about $548 in today's dollars) in August 1972 and included 12 games.

What games did the Magnavox Odyssey have?

It played "Ball and Paddle" games such as " Ping Pong ", " Table Tennis ", "Volleyball" and others. On January 27th, 1972, Magnavox began production on the machine and the system was released in May. It was heavily advertised and reportedly sold 100,000 units in 1972 for around $100 each. The Odyssey has no real specs.

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