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Who was Lancelot's love?

Queen Guinevere

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Hereof, who was Guinevere in love with?


Additionally, what was Lancelot's role at the Round Table? Lancelot of the Lake was the most famous knight of the Round Table . Part of his fame was that he became the lover of Queen Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur. Without doubt, Lancelot was the noblest figure in the Arthurian legend. Lancelot was the son of King Ban of Banoic (or Benoic or Benwick) and Helen or Elaine.

Also Know, what is the story of Lancelot?

Lancelot is the son of King Ban and a woman named Elaine, not to be confused with the mother of Lancelot's son. He is also the cousin of Sir Lionel and Sir Bors. Lancelot spends a lot of time proving he is a good knight, and when he arrives to King Arthur's Court, he falls in love with King Arthur's wife, Guinevere.

Did Lancelot sleep with King Arthur's wife?

For this reason, he is sometimes called Lancelot of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake prepared the youth to excel in all the knightly virtues and pastimes and then presented him to King Arthur's court. She tricked Lancelot into sleeping with her, pretending that she was Guinevere.

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