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Why did Thomas Jefferson resign as Secretary of State?

Tension within Washington's cabinet—notably with Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, who favored an assertive central government—prompted Jefferson's resignation . Jefferson waged a foreign war, from 1801 to 1805, when he sent U.S. warships to force the Barbary States to cease harassing U.S. shipping.

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Considering this, what was Thomas Jefferson's responsibilities as secretary of state?

Jefferson used his position as secretary of state to advance French interests, both covertly and overtly, whenever possible. He had a passionate attachment to France, particularly its murderous revolutionary government.

Subsequently, question is, why did Thomas Jefferson leave the Cabinet? Answer and Explanation: Thomas Jefferson resigned from the Cabinet over disagreements about the US relation with France and disagreements with Alexander Hamilton.

In this regard, when did Thomas Jefferson resign?


What did Jefferson think of Hamilton's excise tax?

The excise tax that had been implemented with Secretary Hamilton's financial plan had angered a group of small farmers in Pennsylvania. He advocated "equal rights for all, special privileges for none." He believed that the tax placed an unfair burden on the farmers and was a direct attack on the agrarian way of life.

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