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Why direct current DC and not alternating current AC is used in electrolysis?

Because the "cathode" and "anode" are constantly switching places, AC produces explosive mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen. Direct current ( DC ) is used for electrolysis . We cannot use Alternate current for electrolysis because of the following reasons : Thus direct current of constant magnitude is used .

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Keeping this in consideration, which type of current is used in electrolysis?

Electrolysis uses direct current (DC) electricity to split water into its basic elements of hydrogen and oxygen. Since this process uses only water as a source, it can produce up to 99.9995% pure hydrogen and oxygen.

Secondly, can electroplating be possible with alternating current? In case of alternating current , the direction of current keeps changinf every 1/100th of a second. Due to changing direction of the current , the metallic ions in the electrolyte keeps shunting between the electrodes that keeps changing polarity. Hence AC current cannot be used in electroplating .

Accordingly, can we pass AC for electrolysis?

Due to its alternating nature. But if we pass an ac current the polarity of the electrodes will be continuously changing and the ions will not be attracted toward any particular electrode resulting in no ionisation. Hence electrolysis cannot take place with ac current.

Why direct current is used in electroplating?

Plating requires ions to flow through an electrolyte in an electric field. Positive ions flow with the electric field, negative ions against the electric field. This electric field comes from a DC supply connected to the electrodes.

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