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Why is Martha's Vineyard so expensive?

The Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce estimates that during the winter there are 15,000 people living on the island and 115,000 during the summer. Running a business is expensive because taxes, rent and utilities have to be paid for 12 months a year, even if customers don't show up for 9 of those months.

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Besides, is it worth going to Martha's Vineyard?

Yes, Martha's Vinyard is very nice indeed. Of course early June won't be beach season, but this also means less crowds. Martha's Vinyard in a nutshell: Vinyard Haven is the commercial center, Oak Bluffs is lively and interesting, Edgartown is very quaint and upscale.

Also Know, why is Martha's Vineyard so popular? 19th century. Like the nearby island of Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard was brought to prominence in the 19th century by the whaling industry, during which ships were sent around the world to hunt whales for their oil and blubber.

Also know, how much does it cost to stay at Martha's Vineyard?

At a total cost of $3,661, Martha's Vineyard is the most expensive destination on the TripIndex. The Vineyard is nearly three times pricier than Palm Springs, Calif., the most affordable spot on the list. A vacation to Palm Springs would cost a family of four about $1,256, according to the survey.

How much does the ferry to Martha's Vineyard cost?

Steamship Authority Ferry Rates: Adult $8.50 one-way; Child (5-12) $4.50 one-way; Child (under 5) free; Bicycle $4 one-way; Vehicle Under 17' in length (Apr. 1-Oct. 31) $81 one-way; Vehicle 17' but less than 20' (Apr. 1-Oct.

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