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Why would a developer use test startTest () and test stopTest ()?

startTest and Test . stopTest , are used when testing governor limits. These static methods allow a test method to separate the Apex resources and governor limits being used to prepare and initialize the dataset from the resources and limits used during the actual test execution.

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Furthermore, why would a developer use test startTest () and test stopTest () in Salesforce?

Test . startTest() and Test . stopTest() exist primarily to allow you to reset the governor limits within the context of your test execution and to be able to test asynchronous methods. These two statements cannot be called more than once within a testMethod.

Also, what are some best practices when writing test classes? Salesforce Apex Test Class Best Practices

  • Do not put (seeAllData = true) in test class otherwise, use it for exceptional cases.
  • Use @isTest at the Top for all the test classes.
  • Test in bulk: Test to see if your code can run on 200 records at once.
  • Avoid Using Hard Coding Ids anywhere in test Class or any apex class.

In this regard, how should a developer avoid hitting the governor limits in test methods?

  1. One Trigger Per Object.
  2. Logic-less Triggers.
  3. Context-Specific Handler Methods.
  4. Bulkify your Code.
  5. Avoid SOQL Queries or DML statements inside FOR Loops.
  6. Using Collections, Streamlining Queries, and Efficient For Loops.
  7. Querying Large Data Sets.
  8. Use @future Appropriately.

How do I create a test class in Salesforce?

The key points while writing a test class are:

  1. You have to start your class with @isTest annotation, then only Salesforce will consider this class as test class.
  2. Keep your class as Private, and the best practice is to name your test class as your original Class or trigger Name + 'Test'.
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